We specialise in Technology Development, Licensing and Commercialisation of Micro-size, Modular and Scalable Synthetic Fuels Production Plants

Pyro Carbon Energy (PCE) is an energy and synfuels technology company with offices in Botswana and South Africa. Our business focus is on technology development and licensing and commercialization of modular and scalable synthetic fuels production plants.

Energy is critical for sustainable development, particularly in the developing World. The use of clean technology aims to address the challenges related to the exploitation of available resources whilst optimising recoverable energy products. A number of countries in Africa and elsewhere host vast coal and shale oil resources which have the potential to positively transform their respective economies with minimal adverse environmental impacts.

We at PCE are ready to provide solutions that harness energy products from a wide range of non-renewable and renewable resources. These solutions shall be further enhanced and optimized through research and development aimed at improving operational efficiency and value added products.

Investment Opportunities

PCE provides the following unique investment opportunities:

  • Hydrocarbon Extraction from high volatile coal. The CHR tests conducted on various coal types have produced pyrolysis oil yields ranging between 1 – 1.8 barrels per tonne of coal. Based on these highly encouraging yields, we are confident that commercial operations producing 4000 barrels per day of syn-crude can be developed. The investment requirement for such operation is estimated to be about $180-200million.
  • Hydrocarbon Extraction from Tyres and Rubber. The investment requirements for CHR operation utilising tyres and rubber as feedstock range between $5m and $10m per production unit. PCE has the capability to develop modular tyre pyrolysis plants (TPP) with throughput from 5 to 20 tonnes per day. Tyres and rubber yield between 2 to 3 barrels per tonne of tyre material. For a 20 tonne/day plant, production of up to 5OBPD can be sustained.
  • Hydrocarbon Extraction from Peat. We recently tested a peat sample from Rwanda, which indicated potential for up to 1 barrel per tonne of material. In addition, the results also showed potential for significant methane recovery.
  • Island Power Generation. PCE has partnered with Auto Evolve Concepts (AEC) to design, build and operate integrated power plants that combines the pyrolysis process and heavy fuel oil (HFC) generators.
    • The plant consists of modular Coal Pyrolysis Plants (CPP), with throughput of 100TPD for each module and multi-fuel HFO generators.
    • We estimate output of 200 barrels per day (BPD) to produce 8MW of electricity.
    • These plants are ideal for off grid operations (e.g. mining or cement production in remote areas), small town supply and as back-up for Solar PV of equivalent capacity.
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